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Dependable Wood and Steel Working Machinery in New Brunswick

Power Air Cleaning has been a reputable name in the industry since 2009 foucsing on great service and easy access to quality products. We only trust the best manufacturers in the industry to provide you with exceptional quality air cleaning and dustless sanding and grinding products. We want to introduce you to our suppliers for wood and steel working machinery in New Brunswick so that you can rest assured of our quality offerings.

Rikon Tools

Rikon has very high standards and offers superior quality woodworking and metal-working machinery. They source only the highest quality materials and put them through rigorous testing to be sure they meet our exact specifications. This means that the quality product you sampled is the quality product you’ll receive. No exceptions. They guarantee a great product every time. Take a look at the website.

Mobile air cleaning system
Normand logo

Normand has served wood enthusiasts and the secondary wood processing industry since 1950. Normand is one of the largest importers / distributors in Canada. Our customers are primarily manufacturers of residential and office furniture, doors and windows and kitchen cabinets, as well as general joinery and specialized cabinetry.


We supply production machinery and specialized equipment for industrial manufacturers, workshop machinery and specialized tools for professional craftsmen and cabinet makers and a full line of industrial supplies designed to maximize efficiency and performance.

Normand’s concept of "one source" supply, means you will be able to find all the tools, accessories and supplies you need to get your machines up and running.


Steel City

The launch of the Steel City® brand in 2005 has created a craze in the North American lumber industry. With a fast start and strong results, the new brand quickly became an important part of the market, which allowed it to achieve its primary mission of offering quality workshop machines with original features at very competitive prices. In 2008, the US economy was hard hit by a major economic crisis whose impact was catastrophic, not only for the industrial and construction sectors but also on the distribution networks and consumer markets. 

Despite several organizational changes required to adjust to market challenges and after 10 years of operation, Steel City Tool Works Ltd decided to throw in the towel and ceased operations in the United States on March 31, 2015. 

In Canada, however, the Steel City® brand continued to thrive thanks to the efforts of its Canadian wholesaler, Nordis Distributions Inc. To ensure brand continuity and customer service, Nordis decided to acquire from its US counterpart the entire inventory as well as the trademark, which now allows it to control the future destiny of the company, Steel City®. 


Since then, to maintain the same objectives of quality, innovation and competitive price, the complete product has been repatriated to Taiwan. Steel City® is proud and pleased to present its completely new line of woodworking machines.

Mobile air cleaning system

Vacuums Are Important

Especially for the prestigious industries that you are running, you deserve nothing less than the best.

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