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Wide Selection of Machine Parts and Services in New Brunswick

Power Air Cleaning emphasizes great customer service and offers quality machine parts and services in New Brunswick. We take care of our customers from planning to installation and even afterwards. Our technicians are experienced, friendly and courteous. They will provide you with all the knowledge to help you make the right decision. We provide the following services:

Repairs for all kinds of vacuums

Stock parts for all vacuums

Sell and repair dust collectors

Warranty care

Designing the space including CAD drawings

We stock parts for several industrial systems such as: 

     High tech abrasives  - Mirka -  Macccei 

    Tyrolit grinding wheels

     Cutting wheels

     Polishing wheels 

     Dust collectors


Abrasive Technology has been recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of super abrasive grinding wheels and tools. It's a reputation that began with the revolutionary P.B.S.® process, a diamond bonding process that is excellent for machining tough-to-cut, non-metallic materials like fibreglass, carbon fibre composites and Kevlar® brand aramid fibre. This process increases productivity and part consistency simply because it lasts longer, cuts faster, runs cooler and loads less. That's good news for our customers in the aerospace, oil and gas, dental and medical and electronics industries, to name a few.

abrasive technology
Nanolap® Technologies, LLC

Nanolap Technologies, LLC provides solutions for demanding surface finishing applications. We offer a broad array of abrasive products for use in lapping, polishing, micro-finishing, fining, sanding, honing, buffing, cleaning, and other surface generation applications.

Saint Gobain Abrasives is a recognized manufacturer of industrial-grade abrasives.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives
 Diamond Productions Canada Ltd.

If you are looking for custom diamond tool solutions, you can trust Diamond Productions Canada Ltd. to provide you with high-quality options.

Trust them for specialty abrasive products for your industrial requirements.

Hi-Tech Abrasives Inc
 Tyrolit Industrial Abrasives

Tyrolit Industrial Abrasives specializes in providing specialty coated and bonded abrasives for industrial use.

You Can Trust Us

We are your one-stop solution for all your industrial power cleaning, grinding, sanding and safety equipment needs.

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