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We carry a diverse selection of air cleaning systems and other power tools for industrial use.

Official Distributor in the Atlantic Region for the following industry leading brands:


Mirka Ltd is a world leader in surface finishing technology and offers a broad range of groundbreaking sanding solutions for the surface finishing and precision industry. They are the manufacturer of many reputed brands such as Autonet, Abralon, Mirlon Total, Abranet, Abranet HD, and Abranet Soft. Decades of experience and a strong commitment to product development has seen them become a pioneering specialist in flexible abrasives and revolutionary, patented products that allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process. Additionally, they have, through their innovative research and development program, also launched new micro-finishing products for optimized engineered surface finishing processes, as well as a full range of polishing compounds.


Genano solution is designed for critical areas in Healthcare facilities where raising hygiene is required. Their solutions are targeted for isolation wards, protective environment rooms, ICU/OT, laboratories, or clinics, where HEPA is not enough. With their modular, mobile solution a cleanroom can be set up wherever needed. 


It is a cost-effective solution that can be designed to fit any room-specific needs for ACH, pressurization or other demands – where HEPA is not enough.


Founded in 1975, Airex Industries Inc. is an innovative business that designs and develops flexible and efficient state-of-the-art solutions for industrial and commercial applications. They are recognized as leaders in energy-efficient solutions. They have provided assistance and guidance to companies for the past 40 years in their efforts to decontaminate air and offer a clean environment for workers and the surrounding milieu. They endeavour to provide engineering services from office to field with solutions tailored to meet the needs of their customers. Your satisfaction is the key to their success!


Nilfisk Pharmaceutical Solutions offers high-performance machines for pharmaceutical processing. Industrial vacuums and conveyors deliver a high standard of hygiene, avoid cross-contamination and increase production efficiency. They have spent the past century developing cleaning, conveying and containment equipment that meets the rigorous demands of the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Nilfisk delivers the systems you need to limit cross-contamination in your tablet presses, capsule filling, milling and polishing machines, pill de-dusters, central systems and other equipment. Click to visit Nilfisk Vacuum and Nilfisk CFM.

Count on Power Air Cleaning for:

Repairing any of the vacuum and stock parts

Dust collectors

Warranty care


Design of the space, including CAD drawings in conjunction with the suppliers’ engineer

Service technician - We take care of our customers from planning to installation and even afterwards

Power Air Cleaning Ltd - Trusted Air Cleaning Solutions Company in New Brunswick

Why Choose Us

At Power Air Cleaning, we aim to provide solutions for a healthier working environment with great air quality. We have experienced technicians who set out to provide Atlantic customers with the best available products. We strive to provide companies with effective solutions so that they have easy access to service and knowledge to get the right equipment for their needs.  

We are your one-stop-shop in New Brunswick for providing and servicing clean air. Our technicians will visit the site, take measurements, develop blueprints and send them to the engineers to devise an effective solution for your site. The owner has worked as an installer and a technician. Therefore, he knows what it takes to get the machinery to work; he knows the codes and is in constant contact with the engineering groups of his suppliers. We offer friendly customer service by experienced and knowledgeable staff. Whether it is a hospital, manufacturing or food unit or just a person requiring sanding equipment, we offer our services to all. You can contact us to learn more about our services or to book an appointment.

About Us 

Power Air Cleaning was founded in 2009. Since then we have been working to provide our customers with effective solutions. We align ourselves with our customers as partners and assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. We have developed a reputation in the Atlantic Region as a premier vendor, especially for Dustless Sanding and Grinding Technology. We offer solutions for commercial and industrial facilities throughout Atlantic Canada. Our objective is to provide a healthier indoor environment for your employees and patrons.

Professional Affiliations

BBB accredited business

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Powerful Abrasives

We offer abrasives from trusted brands for the treatment of wood, metal, and more.

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Cramped Spaces?

All the more need for an effective air cleaning system; we recommend mobile air cleaning systems.

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Quality Service

We are your solution for experienced technicians and genuine spare parts for industrial tools. 

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